Constell8 develops ethernet based connectivity solutions where all kinds of industries & stakeholders benefit from simplicity, flexibility and interoperability.


through technology

Constell8 provides a hardware design that can be integrated in different applications or devices. Constell8 handles all complex network connectivity, eliminating the implementation struggle for manufacturers. Our CPU communicates the necessary data and events through an easy API. Manufacturers can focus on their core business while having the benefits of a redundant, synchronized and easy to deploy network.



The key to this powerful technology is based on combining network, device and protocol information. Our firmware gathers all these parameters and uses them to unlock new workflows and possibilities that were previously not available. 


Managing installations requires a user friendly application. Constell8 provides this as well. Our application makes all necessary information easily available for the user.

Not only all your information is just a couple of click away, the application will also notify the right user when there occurs any unforeseen change in the network. 

Constantly updating the functionality is one of our key missions. 



A bold vision needs an experienced team. I believe in our team we have the right experience to bring this new future-proof technology. Additionally, we surrounded us with domain expert teams from inside and outside the industry to build the best and most flexible solution possible. Our focus is on solving all the current day connectivity issues and limitations. Therefore we listen to different markets and challenge our ideas with important stakeholders from all domains. 

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Roel Apers

CEO Constell8


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Implement and drive the development of a new, cutting-edge product that has industry changing potential.


Implement and drive the development of a new, cutting-edge product that has industry changing potential.

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